10 Friday AM Reads

What? Another weekend is here already? But you can’t leave for the Hamptons just yet — our late Spring morning train reads will see you through:

• Michael Lewis on Dick Thaler, the Economist Who Realized How Crazy We Are (BV)
• 11% of hedge funds manage 92% of total industry capital (CIOsee also The Billion Dollar Club (TRB)
• Lehman Brothers ex-CEO blames everyone else for financial crisis (Politico)
• Why Do Former High-School Athletes Make More Money? Research hasn’t yet borne out whether sports breed go-getters or whether they attract kids with a knack for navigating the professional world. (The Atlantic)
• Everything Google just announced at its I/O developer conference (Quartz) see also All the Cool Stuff Google Just Announced, Ranked by Coolness (Slate)

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1969 and 1972 Alpine A 110

Source: Classic Driver Source: Classic Driver

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The Dramatic Rise of Life Expectancy Around the World

Source: Our World In Data

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Masters in Business Dimensional Fund Advisors’ David Booth

This week, our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with David Booth, the founder, chairman and co-CEO of Dimensional Funds Advisors (DFA). At the University of Kansas, Booth earned his B.A. in economics and M.S. in business. He went to receive his MBA from University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, where he became the teaching assistant for future…Read More

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Post Traumatic Crash Disorder & the 1962 Flash Crash

click for ginormous chart Source: Bloomberg On this day 53 years ago, Wall Street had one of its worst sessions ever. As the Wall Street Journal reported, “The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 5.7%, down 34.95, the second-largest point decline then on record.” It was part of a longer decline that some called the “Kennedy Slide…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

For those of you complaining about the lack of volatility, I hope you are happy now! Our vine-ripened morning train reads: • Fund Managers Who Spit Out Their Own Cooking (Morningstar) see also As Activism Rises, U.S. Firms Spend More on Buybacks Than Factories (WSJ) • Paulson & Rubin: Why the U.S. Needs to Listen to China, and vice-versa….Read More

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The Fed Raising Rates?

The Fed Raising Rates? David Kotok Cumberland Advisors, May 26, 2015       It’s not about when; it’s about the path to get there. Suppose the Fed lifts rates on the short end of the yield curve by a quarter point in September. Or December. Will it really make a difference? Suppose the Fed’s…Read More

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Nuclear Explosions Since 1945

Source: Radical Cartography h/t Know More

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Rental Fever

  Rental costs are increasing faster than home values for the first time since 2012. Rental increases outpaced property values in 20 of the 35 largest U.S. markets last month, according to Zillow .   Source: Bloomberg

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