MiB: Schwab’s Liz Ann Sonders

This week, our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Market Strategist for Charles Schwab.

Early in her career, Sonders worked for the legendary Marty Zweig, where she learned the importance of sentiment analysis. She also had a front seat to the 1987 crash, accurately forecast by Zweig. Sonders was also a guest host for Wall Street Week, substituting for Louis Rukeyser.

At Schwab, she is part of a team that overseas $2.52 trillion in client assets.

Stream the show live at 10am and 6pm today at Bloomberg; listen to the full podcast at Bloomberg, on Apple iTunes or SoundCloud. All of our earlier podcasts are now available on iTunes.

Next week, we speak with SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scarammucci.


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