Tuesday AM Reads

Happy Cinco de Mayo day. Here are our West Coast derived, not so early morning reads:

• The 2015 Rich List: The Highest Earning Hedge Fund Managers of the Past Year (Institutional Investors Alpha)
• The Merger Boom Is Far From Over: Regulators scotched two major acquisitions, but that doesn’t mean corporate deal-making will slow. The key driver: excess cash. (Barron’s)
• Buffett and Gross Agree: Slump in 30-Year Bonds Makes Good Sense (Bloombergsee also Global growth report card – is the world slowdown temporary? (FT)
• U.S. Homeownership at 25 Year Low, Non-Occupant Owners at Record High (World Property Journal)
• Most People in the World Have No Idea How to Manage Their Money: Many couldn’t pass a simple finance quiz. Can you? (The Atlantic)
• The Revolution Will Be Periscoped (Reformed Broker)
• Tesla’s New Home-Based Battery Isn’t Just Nifty. It’s Liberating. (Slate)
• 37 ‘Star Wars’ Facts for Star Wars Day (Mental Floss)
• The cult of healthy eating has more in common with religion than science (Quartz)
• 7 Important Life Lessons Everyone Learns the Hard Way (Marc and Angel Hack Life)

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The Palmer Drought Index

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30 Signs You’re On Financial Twitter

Thirty Signs You’re On Financial Twitter 30. You unintentionally know more about Greece than you had ever thought possible 29. Joe Weisenthal is your alarm clock 28. You wish David Tepper, Bill Ackman, Michael Lewis and Retired Bernanke would show up here already and engage 27. You watch a guy switch his avatar to a pic of a hot girl…Read More

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The Aroma of Coffee

Source: Compound Interest

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All The President’s Psychologists

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Wild Wild East

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Ritholtz: Why I Write

While I am traveling on the West Coast, I have pulled some items that have not been published here previously.  Marco Nappolini did this with me on June 26th 2013. ~~~ In this series we aim to shed light on the motivations, inspirations and writing processes of some of the leading financial bloggers. Here, Barry Ritholtz…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Good San Francisco morning! Just because I am three thousand miles from home does not mean I would abandon you. Some not so early morning reads: • China’s Long Bull Run: Booming Hong Kong stock market could go higher, but not without some bumps along the way (Barron’s) • Memory of ‘Flash Crash’ Weighs on Markets and Regulators…Read More

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GREXIT! David R. Kotok Cumberland May 3, 2015   The way we see it, history is needed to guide us. Greece cannot continue indefinitely in depression, and it cannot pay. There is no good outcome. The people of Greece need a political outcome to give them a victory. We will invoke two historical images, one…Read More

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Tesla’s Big Bet on Building Batteries for Your Home

Tesla is building a new generation of batteries that could power homes, businesses and even the grid. Bloomberg’s Tom Randall takes a look at the emerging market for new energy storage.

Source: Bloomberg

Full Elon Musk presentation after the jump

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