10 Wednesday AM Reads

We survived the snowpacalypse, with both electricity and internet access intact. Hence, our free range morning train reads:

• Apple’s Earnings: The Staggering Numbers (WSJ)
• Strong Dollar Squeezes U.S. Firms (WSJsee also U.S. Strengths Buoy Consumers but Hurt Corporations With Business Abroad (Dealbook)
• A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Joel Greenblatt about Value Investing (25iq)
• The new phase of deflation fear and headline noise is actually a good thing for markets (TRB)
• Open letter to the German readers: That which you were never told about Greece (Syriza)

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Spectrum of Pain from Oil Price Decline

With the price of crude oil plummeting, why some countries are faring much better than others.

Oil Prices’ ‘Spectrum of Pain’

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The Greek Economy: Which Way Forward?

Category: Bailouts, Think Tank

Ring System 200X Saturn’s Discovered 430 Light Years Away

A ring system circling a young giant planet about 430 light years from Earth is 200 times the size of Saturn’s rings, scientists have discovered. WSJ’s Monika Auger reports.

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Look Out Below, fill-in-the-blank edition!

Markets were under intense pressure earlier today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down almost 400 points. Most indexes were down 2 percent or so around the globe before recovering some of the losses. As is often the case during big market swings, numerous narratives attempt to explain the causes of the market turmoil. Consider…Read More

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The Shrinking American Middle Class

click for interactive infographic Source: The Upshot

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Look Out Below, _____ edition!

    Whats driving the market lower today: European softness, Grexit, Microsoft miss, Cat comments, or something else entirely? Often, the most accurate answer is we don’t know . . .   More on this later    

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning “Snowpacalypse Not” cancelled-trains-can’t-get-into-the-office-even-if-I-wanted-to AM reads: • As Commodities Fall, Some Investors See Reasons to Buy (WSJ) • Technology and Finance: Drivers of a Profit Margin Explosion (Philosophical Economics) • Asia’s Richest Man Has Seen the Future and It’s in Europe (Bloomberg) • Vanguard’s funds reach new heights (Investment News) • The Shake Shack Economy (New Yorker) Continues here  

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Biohacking with Nootropics

Smart Drugs

via CNN/Money

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