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“Beware the Squeeze” October 31, 2002

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The Zen of Trading, TC2000/Worden Brothers’ Comments, May 05, 2002

Taking Responsibility April 18, 2002

Six months later: A real recovery, CBS Marketwatch.com, March 11, 2002

Managing Sudden Wealth, April 8, 2002

The Envelope Please . . ., March 21, 2002

Risk Management of “Fiasco” Stocks, February, 5, 2002

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Life After Napster, TheStreet.com, February 22, 2001

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Winners and Losers in the 2000 Elections
Gainers/Decliners in the Political Market Place, December 12, 2000

270 Not the Magic Number Everyone Thinks it is.
Post Election Confusion has Constitutional Scholars Sharpening Their Pencils, November 11, 2000

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(Based on earlier work done

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The Skeptics Guide to Stock Tips

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