Physics, in my opinion, is as much a valid study for those planning a career in the markets as is economics or business administration.

Why is this? The markets are non-linear, dynamic systems, subject to the rules of Chaos Theory. Market prices are highly random, with a short to intermediate term trend component. They are highly dependent on initial conditions. Markets also show qualities of fractals — self-similar in the sense that the individual parts are related to the whole. The structure of ripples, waves, and tides look similar; So do market charts on a hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In short, they represent all the factors associated with Chaotic systems. There’s a terrific introductory article on the subject here: Chaos Theory and Market Reality

I did a piece a few years ago (Angells & Blodgetts & Schrodinger’s Cat) on a related quantum subject which generated accusations of “my losing it” from most of the economists in my crowd; I simply believe that understanding Chaos Theory helps you comprehend why the markets can be so inscrutable.

Which brings us, as so many other things eventually do, to Dilbert:

How many comics can make a sly reference to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and still be funny?

Not many:


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