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Posted By Barry Ritholtz On August 13, 2003 @ 10:25 pm In Weblogs | Comments Disabled

I’ve been trying to decide how to separate the two typepad blogs: The Big Picture [1] — where you are now — has developed into a more work focused, market oriented journal. Market commentaries, pointers to what I’m reading and/or finding interesting, the more complex research work I’m doing — they seem to be finding their way here.

Its like a weekday work blog. I’m thinking I should keep it that way.

essays & effluvia [2] seems to be for most everything else. I’ve posted dry political humor (Dead Centagenarians [3]), ascerbic political commentary (Shrill Blonde Harpy [4]), odd designs (Custom Bike [5]), Music (Joey Miserable and the Worms [6]), and the simply absurd (Male ‘Enlargement’ Pills & rampant bacterial growth [7]).

Consider it a “late nite and weekend” kinda blog. Fun, but not totally denuded of thought. Check it out — when you get out off work.

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