Grasso is now finished. He’s a “Dead Man Walking.”

One week ago today, I noted that this was becoming a public relations disaster, and that “if the NYSE didn’t get their act together (and right away), Grasso was toast.”

With four major pension players calling for his head, the $200 Million Dollar Man has recieved a mortal wound. Too many Bruti, not enough time.

DJ Newswires Jim Murphy phrased it this way: “Grasso is dead but doesn’t have the good sense to lie down.”

I agree. I put his chance of surviving 2003 as NYSE Chair at less than 10%. Now, I’d be surprised if he survives the week. Smart money now says he’s gone by October 1.

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  1. nyc99 says:

    Dead Man Walking

    Grasso was toast now he is a Dead man Walking. The Big Picture: Dead Man Walking…