Here’s a thought: If Amazon‘s One Click purchase system is patentable — and lets not kid ourselves, its nothing more than a browser cookie — then shouldn’t Apple‘s iTunes Link Maker be even more patentable?

This is more than a simple web interface — it’s a method of automatically generating the code”to create deep links to any music on the iTunes Music Store. Any user who copy-and-pastes that code into their own web page can drive traffic to any specific song, album or band on iTunes. Pretyy snazzy!

I’ve never seen that trick before — one click takes you to a specific song in an on-line music store, ready for listening or purchase. I’m not in favor of most of these stupid business model patents, but this one looks possible . . . I’ll have to do a patent search in the office tomorrow to see if Apple filed (unless someone else beats me to it).

One last thought on the iTunes Deep Song Link: Whenever I post, I now have a compulsion to point to whatever song happens to be playing at that instant; At the moment, its The Push Star’s “Drunk Is Better Than Dead.”    

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  1. Jim Moran says:

    Barry – Don’t waste your time, this is everyday stuff with anykind of download. It is just packaged with a different look and feel here.