I just got tagged for a last minute fill in on Kudlow & Cramer tonite — CNBC at 8pm and 11pm.

I’m on with the very Bullish Jason Trennert of ISI — guess that makes me the Bear . . .

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4 Responses to “Kudlow & Cramer tonite”

  1. william demmons says:

    On Ludlow and Cramer program evening of November 25, 2003, guest interview on company either named “Agua America” or distributer of Agua America. Can you help me find out more about this company?
    William Demmons

  2. Robert Woog says:

    Last week, Kudlow and Cramer were speaking about Voice over IP and mentioned two companies: Aris and Harmonics. Can you help me find websites or more information on these two companies?

    Thank you very much

    Robert Woog

  3. Peg says:

    Kudlow and Cramer were on 2 to 3 times and evening in our area… Central Florida. Now we can’t find them on CNBC. What has changed. Is this just local programming changes or are they leaving the show?

  4. mrs shirley miller says:

    On News Max a David Tice an influential market analyst is stating there will be a “bull market” in 2005. He says housing is going to fall on prices along with stocks. I have my ira funds in Equitable funds should I go elswhere? am 69 now and in Jan 2006 will have to be withdrawing.I trust your advice thank you