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Best Buy Keeps Up the Heat on CD Price Competition

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On January 28, 2004 @ 5:24 am In Current Affairs,Finance,Music | Comments Disabled

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More evidence of price competition, as Best Buy [2] maintains price pressure. From this past weekend’s circular:

CD Sale: $9.99 or less
•   Helmet Unsung: The Very Best of Helmet (1991-1997) [3]: $7.99
•   No Motiv Daylight Breaking [4]: $8.99
•   Twista Kamikaze [5]: $9.99
•   Baby Bash The Smokin’ Nephew [6]: $9.99
•   Tupac Resurrection [7]: The Soundtrack: $9.99
•   Yes The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary [8]: $15.99 (Double CD)

And of course, the continued “DVDs that are cheaper than CDs” sale:
•   Swingers [9] $9.99
•   Clerks [10] $9.99
•   Grosse Pointe Blank [11] $9.99 (which is one of my all time favorite comedies; I will swing by BB and pick this up this weekend).

Given our prior discussions on Peter Gabriel [12] and Brian Eno, I may just splurge and drop $15.99 on Peter Gabriel’s Growing Live [13]. 134 minutes long — looks great!

Best Buy still offers free shipping — so if the weather is as bad as predicted (we got a foot of snow last nite), I can still pick ‘em up from home.

Ain’t competition grand?

UPDATE: 1/28/04 6:56 am
Since we are all about competition here, Amazon has the Peter Gabriel DVD [14] for $14.99. And since I earned a grand total of $24.76 as an Amazon Associate (buy something, people!) it looks like Amazon will get the Gabriel [14] sale . . .

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