Wow — 1/4 Million hits since we beta tested typepad in July 2003. Of course, there are a quite a few sites that run that up daily.

Regardless, I am humbled.

This total is the hit count for my top domain at typepad

The Big Picture side (/comments) has 156188;

essays & effluvia (/writing) has 90210.

The majority of the hits come via Google. We seem to generate a decent match to their page ranking algorithms. Another huge chunk comes when sites like C/Net, Slate, Altercation, Interesting People or MaxSpeak points here. For some reason, Billmon’s blog roll throws off a steady stream of traffic, also.

Between the two sites, we now average just north of 3,000 hits a day, along with the occasional spike.

And, the Amazon Associates program generated a whopping $ 21.69 this past quarter. I already spent it all in one place — Amazon.

Since Bull! and Practical Speculation were paid for with your largesse, I plan to eventually put up reviews of them in this space.

Feel free to order anything on my wish list for me, and perhaps I will review it here. No promises — but I just might review it here.

Except the Digital cameras. Send me one off the wish list and I promise I’ll review it. Or the Archos AV320 Video and MP3 Jukebox Recorder, or the Harman Kardon Signature Series 2.0 Surround-Sound Processor/Tuner. If anyone sends me any of these, I promise to review them.

> Sigh < See what you poeple have done? I've already turned into a whore. That's how fast these things happen on the net. and he had such promise . . .

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