I had previously published a list of business blogs which I peruse regularly; Here’s a few new additions:

Don’t Be Evil


Google’s mantra, “Don’t Be Evil,” is revolutionizing how people think about business relationships and personal ethics. This page highlights news and current events to show the concept “Don’t Be Evil” in action

The Idea Shop


The Idea Shop is well written, with lots of original content and enticing links. These posts are little jewels; as compositions, they’ll repay study by other bloggers.”

Economic Principals


EconomicPrincipals.com is a Web-based independent commentary on the production and distribution of economic ideas — an experiment in online economic journalism.

UPDATE: 5.19.04 2:31 pm
Dont be evil.com is back online.
(Are intermittent internet connections evil? Guess they will have to post a comment for us on it)

UPDATE: 5.19.04 11:36 am
Don’t be evil seems to be done for now . . . I’ll recheck it .

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3 Responses to “More Business Blogs”

  1. Abe says:

    the first link & url appear to be wrong. I get a 403 error when I attempt to go there.

  2. Bill says:

    Also the first link this a.m. [ Wed] appears to be just an adv. site like Hotels .com . Yesterday it was fine and provided news . Is the A.M. paid for by Ads ? Other sites are O.K. though . Please provide link to your previous posting of business blog sites – Thanx- Bill