The Chart of the Day observes “the stock market has a tendency to be somewhat choppy during the first five months of an election year, but prospects tended to improve (on average) as the November election approached.

Average Election Year (Dow / 1897 – Present)

Source: Chart of the Day, Pinnacle Data

We agree. This potential June – November rally is very consistent with our “Market Reversal” thesis of late.

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Quote of the Day:
“People who can take a risk, who believe in themselves, enough to walk away [from a company], are generally people who bring about change.”
- Cynthia Danahar, Hewlett Packard’s medical Products GM

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  1. econ voodoo – look at the pretty charts

    i don’t do stock market predictions… and i barely touch economics, but i do stumble across charts every once in a while, and even i can see that there’s a difference between the last few i ran into…. for the…