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Whats Wrong with the Music Industry in One Long Sentence (annotated)

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On May 18, 2004 @ 12:04 pm In Music | Comments Disabled

Let’s review our plot so far:

We have an industry that is afraid of technology [1], its senior spokespeople lie to congress [2], they use Enron-like [3] accounting [4], they somehow –WHOOPS! [5]forget [6] to pay [7] their artists [8], they are convicted price fixers [9], at the first sign [10] of any kind of an economic rebound [11] their instinct [12] is to raise prices [13], they have ignored competitive pressures from other forms of entertainment such as DVDs [14], they ignore the devastatingly negative [15] effects of radio ownership consolidation [16] to their business model, they engage in all kinds of anti-competitive protectionism [17], they are unconcerned with the quality of their product [18], their customers are harried for time [19] and distracted by other interests [20], their customers see nothing wrong with downloading music for free [21], some of their biggest stars are hoping the Internet will replace the labels [22], despite all too many signs that their product is over priced [23], they refuse [24] to allow market forces to set competitive prices [25], they have consistently been one of the most mismanaged [26] businesses in history [27], oh, and they somehow think they are immune from the business cycle [28].

How are these guys still in business?

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