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Presidential Election Indicators

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On June 24, 2004 @ 1:58 pm In Politics | Comments Disabled


We spend a lot of time discussing various market indicators, and how to balance some against others when they are in apparent conflict.

So when I came across Dan Froomkin [1]‘s take of USA Today [2] six ‘reliable’ presidential-election indicators, I simply had to reproduce them:

Economic formula [3] suggest Bush wins;
Low approval-rating [4] precedent says Kerry wins;
War-president [5] precedent says Bush wins;
Ohio is a bellwether [6]: Tossup;
Northern Democrats [7] don’t stand a chance. Bush wins;
Kerry is taller [8]; Kerry wins

The fact that these disagree with each other makes them all the more amusing . . .

Election-predicting tools point both ways [2]
Depending on which criteria you use, either Bush or Kerry is a lock to win in November
Susan Page
USA TODAY, June 24, 2004


White House Briefing [1]
Dan Froomkin
Washington Post, Thursday, Jun 24, 2004; 11:50 AM


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