Martin Pring is a reknowned market technician. His site includes an interesting chart, derived from data via Rasmussen, a reliable pollster.

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Graphic via Pring Research

There is a caveat to the charting of polling data patterns: It hardly correllates to technical trading patterns; Polling is a cost free public opinion survey, subject to headlines and PR issues rather than fundamental concerns of the business cycle. Individual equity performance is driven by ‘Supply and Demand’ issues.

Still, its an interesting concept, and Pring does a nice job of presenting the data as an objective assessment. It will be curious to see if the debate tonight impacts this . . .

via Mike Barret, NYU

Pring Research

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  1. Anup says:

    Sorry, but I did not understand this.

  2. Hans Rudolf Suter says:

    from woodoo economics to woodoo politics ?

  3. spencer says:

    It suggest that Bush may be peaking.

  4. BOPnews says:

    The Bush vs. Kerry Ratio revisited

    Last month, we looked at the Bush vs. Kerry Ratio. It’s a chart maintained by Martin Pring, a highly regarded market chartist. Pring applied the tools of technical analysis to political forecasting. Last we looked at the chart — before…

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  6. munna says:

    Go Kerry…Go!!

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