Oops! I overlooked this: The print edition of Barron’s picked up last week’s Bull or Bear Market? commentary. The focus of that piece was a technical observation about the markets, and our expectation that the SPX could pull back to 1100-1105 before bouncing, based only on the charts.

I find it amusing when people call technicals “voodoo,” thus revealing their ignorance of accumulation and distribution by the large institutional players. (Remind me to tell you a Sands Brothers story on that in the future).

The SPX hit 1101, before bouncing over 40 points. This is not a testament to my ‘genius” — rather, its an acknowledgement that the charts often reveal where buyers tend to come into the market, and where sellers might later appear. I couldn’t imagine not looking at a chart prior to a purchase or sale, if only to see where my stop losses should be placed . . .

Bull or Bear Market?
Monday, October 5, 2004

Category: Media

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One Response to “Barrons picks up “Bull or Bear Market””

  1. Kurt Landefeld says:


    What is the difference between trading and investing opportunities?

    Why does the Barron’s article characterize the current market as better for the former, but not the latter?

    When do you know when the market has turned from one to the other?

    Pardon my ignorance if these are questions out of Investing 101…