A heads up: I’ll be appearing on on Fox today (Cavuto on Business @ 4:10pm EST).

It’s a special panel on the Election and the markets – what happens in the event of a “no decision” on November 3rd, etc.

In addition to Neil, I’ll be on with Poli Sci Professor Costas Panagopoulos from Yeshiva University and Don Luskin of Trend Macro Analytics.

As always, I am the moderate, there as the voice of reason. I cannot say I know the Poli Sci Professor’s work, but I assume (based on his CV) he is left leaning; Don has long been right leaning (to say the least).

Should be fun . . .

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One Response to “Cavuto on Business: (10/26/04)”

  1. Ray Bedikian says:

    Dear Mr. Cavuto,

    On your show, Satuday, January 15, 2005, a question was asked of Jim Rogers as to what his favorite commodity funds were. Unfortunately, he was interupted by Joe Batpaglia who really has no understanding of commodities and your listeners were unable to get an answer from Mr. Rogers. Please be kind enough to ask Mr. Rogers what his recommnedation for commodity funds, indexes are.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Ray Bedikian