I just learned the WSJ Online is free this week. If you don’t have a subscription, you should spend some time checking out what they offer.

Here’s a few columns I read regularly:

Long and Short

The Macro Investor

Ahead of the Tape

Its interesting to see what columns and articles are generating the most readership; For that, you need to click Most Popular (its a fascinating cross section)

If you are a tech fan, go to Technology Main

I also liked the following 3 recent articles:

Economists Put Budget Gap At Top of Bush’s To-Do List

Losing Currency: Who Wins and Who Loses With a Weak U.S. Dollar

Bush Policy: Talk a Strong Dollar But Let It Slide

Get reading!

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3 Responses to “WSJ online is free this week”

  1. brian says:

    WSJ’s traffic will probably be up at least 300% from normal susbcriber levels. I bet if the WSJ had always opened up its site to both visitors and SE indexers like Google it would now have the 2nd most traffic to the NY Times’ site (10 million monthly uniques).

  2. C. Maoxian says:

    I bet it would get even more traffic than the Times if it were open. Next week they will lock it back up, see a negligible rise in new subscriptions, watch the traffic plummet, and continue to lose money.

  3. Daily Links says:

    The Big Picture: WSJ online is free this week

    If you haven’t read it before, here’s your chance