Okay, here’s something kinda amusing:

Punch the following phrases into Google, and The Big Picture is the top hit:

NASD Margin Levels
Projected Electoral College Vote
3 Peaks and a Domed House
augmented unemployment rate
contrary indicators
"magazine cover indicator"

There’s a few other weird results — For example, punch in "BLS household payroll survey," and The Big Picture is the second result — after the BLS. And sometimes, it even edges out BLS~!  I haven’t figured out why Google toggles the two back and forth yet . . .

For a brief while, the phrase "Tsunami Picture" brought you here off the top slot. That honor now goes to Digital Globe; Despite sliding down to about the 50th spot, Google still drives about 2000 people a day looking for Tsunami photos [ED: As of February, that tailed off]. That’s how dynamic the "secret" Google algorithm is — as well as how much traffic they can drive.

If you come across any other top hits or aberrational findings, please hit me with them.

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