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We’ve gone Map Crazy, part 3 (Iraq edition)

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On January 30, 2005 @ 11:00 am In Politics,War/Defense | Comments Disabled

We are at it again, folks. Iraq’s elections are today. Following in the footsteps of our previous Map [1] obsessions, [2] here is the latest collection of graphics — but this time, we look at Iraq, and not the US elections.  Call it everything you wanted to kn ow about Iraq — its geography, politics, religions, ethnicity, insurgency and violence — but were afraid to ask . . .


Iraqi Provinces (Governorates) [3] 
consider these Iraq’s "States"
Iraq: Not a Blue or Red State [4]
more of the same

Iraq’s Complex Government Structure [5]   
Is this any way to run City Hall?

Iraq’s Oil Infrastructure [6]
People love Freedom . . .

Iraq Religous and Ethnic Groups [7]   
kinda complex when compared to our mess

Iraqi Voter Participation by [8]Ethnic Group [8]
Some groups will be boycotting the election

ViolenceUnfortunately, this has become the most prevalent type of map we’ve come across

175 Election Attacks in Iraq [9]
Iraqis voted despite attacks; Now if we can only get Americans to do so . . .

260 Attacks on Election Day [10]

Iraq Attacks by district [11]
attacks per 100,000 persons

Iraq’s Security-challenged Provinces [12]
No, really everything’s going just fine

Iraq Insurgency Map [13]
except for the 100,000 dead civilians

Violence shifts locale as election approached [14]

Violence in Baghdad [15]               

US (and coalition) Casualties in Iraq [16]

And how could we do this without throwing in a US poll?

US on Bush’s handling of Iraq War [17]
You broke it, you bought it . . .

Come across any others? Please let me know [18]


UPDATE: January 31, 2005 11:01am

 The L.A. Times [19] has an extensive collection of graphics [20] (Pre-2005) covering many other issues – worth checking out . . .

UPDATE 2: February 1, 2005 7:01am
The WSJ [21] has a nice round up of the rest of the world’s Press reaction to the Iraq vote: Graphic: World Press Reacts [22]


WSJ [23]
NYT [24]
BBC [25]
CIA World fact book: Iraq [26]
UN Sat [27]
LAT [19]

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