Nasdaq A/D is worse than 2 to 1 negative, the Up/Down volume is also poor, at 7
to 1.5. Not quite a 10 to 1 down day, but pretty ugly.

NYSE is marginally better: A/D is 5 to 3 to the downside, while up/down
volume is just over 2/1 negative.

Nasdaq appears to have broken its uptrend, while the SPX and Dow have not.

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One Response to “Internals are Ugly”

  1. JR says:

    Fun with Fractals

    If you thought TODAY’s internals were ugly, try this little- ‘is it live or is it Memorex’ experiment with your charting software at home.

    Daily Candlestick SPX from 7/28/1987 to 10/07/1987 with something simple like a 20 EMA or 100 EMA overlay

    Compare this too the SPX from 11/22/2004 to 02/10/2005