I find it endlessly fascinating that — thanks to technology — I will be discussing the role of India in the Global Economy on New Delhi TV today, live from the Nasdaq.

While everyone (including us) is rightfully focused on China and their 2 BIllion soon-to-be-middle class consumers, its easy to forget that India has over 1 Billion people, and, a much greater developed technological infrastructure.

The interview will be with Kismet Singh of NDTV.


UPDATE: February 11, 2005 2:05pm

I took some snaps with the camera phone, which you can see below.

After the interview, I bumped into (i.e., stalked) Leslie LaRoche. I’ve only spoken to her on the phone before, and never met her in person. She looked fetchingly Elfin in her green suede jacket. You may think you know what a person looks like because you see them on Television, but trust me, you don’t. Leslie  is this gorgeous little thing — I said elfin before, and its exactly the right word — she is simply radiant in person.


The interview was at the Nasdaq market site, which is pretty cool collection of screens:
LG 6000 Phone


Here’s the wall of stocks:
LG 6000 Phone


Here’s the view from my friend Ralph’s office — the ground floor is where the studios are:
Source: LG 6000 Phone

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3 Responses to “NDTV”

  1. Michael says:

    While I am not so sure India is overlooked, I do think there is some underestimated synergy that could be at work if those two economies continue to liberalize. Here is a link from a few days ago about the growing trade between those countries and within Asia in general.


  2. Rajesh Gautam says:

    i am interested in ndtc news .

  3. Allen Wilkerson says:

    Whatever happened to Leslie Laroche at CNBC? I haven’t seen her on tv in months. It’s as though she has gone incognito. Is she still with CNBC, or has she gone on to another network? She did a great job there, and she was not bad to look at. She has a terrific smile and voice, not to mention great looking legs!