Following up on yesterday’s debate, I wanted to highlite to a few more relevant datapoints:

"The video game industry enjoyed record sales in 2004, despite a
shortage of game consoles over the holiday season, according to figures
released yesterday.

The data from NPD Funworld, a market research firm, showed that
United States sales of video game consoles, portable devices and the
games made for those platforms were $9.9 billion in 2004. That figure
is slightly below the overall sales figure of $10 billion in 2003.
However, the 2004 figure does not yet include sales of games for
personal computers. When those sales are included in a report due in
the next few days, overall sales for the year will be a record, NPD

The 2004 sales include a surge in sales of games for hand-held
devices, which hit $1 billion in 2004, up from $903 million in 2003.

Over all, sales of games for consoles and portable devices was $6.2
billion. Sales of games for personal computers were $700 million from
January through November, with full-year figures expected soon."

This is another example of a new media taking money and time from consumers to the detriment of older media (newspapers and magazines, television and terrestrial radio, CDs, movie theatres, VHS tapes).


Video Game Industry Sales Reach Record Pace in 2004
NYT, January 19, 2005

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4 Responses to “Video Game Industry Sales Reach Record Pace in 2004”

  1. Good post. I think that this is normal because video games become more and more interesting and people just love them. I do not think that this is something bad but we should not go too far!

  2. It’s hard to belive considering all the games available online now…