One of the highlights of my weekend is Professor Paul Kedrosky’s Sunday morning linkfest. (yes, I know, that’s kinda pathetic). Incidentally, Paul’s blog is Infectious Greed, and while it’s mostly VC focused, its always an informative read.

While we are awaiting his roundup, I wanted to waste a few electrons on some items:

Many columnists at The are also published authors. Recent additions to a library of authorship includes James Altucher’s Trade Like Warren Buffett and Hewitt Heiserman Jr.’s  It’s Earnings That Count : Finding Stocks with Earnings Power for Long-term Profits.

Altucher is averaging a book a year, which is pretty
frightening — he writes more than many people read. I haven’t gotten to Hewitt’s book yet, but some readers have given it very high marks. The praise its generating from a number of notables bodes well. (If I missed any recent publications by TSCM’s authors, please let me know here).

Lately, I have been extending my prior research on China and India. Here’s a few ideas I have been playing with:

China’s Oil Grab

China on Course to Overtake US Economy

The Economist ReWeights its Commodity-Price Index

Have a good weekend!


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