Big day today: Your humble blogger will be guest hosting Squawk Box, CNBC, Thursday, from 7 to 10am.

This is my second go round, lets see if I can get it right this time
(and get a night’s sleep this time). Mark Haines, Joe Kernan, Becky
Quick and Steve Liesman are on the set. Should be interesting . . .

I’ll try to get a post up covering some of the subject matter before airtime.

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One Response to “Media Appearance: Guest Hosting Squawk Box (3/3/05)”

  1. Peg Nadel says:

    Just listening to the “news” about the firing of the CEO of Boeing. Absolutly disgusting the way it was done, bringing the personal life of the family into the public arena where the entire family is held up to the snickers and snide remarks of the press. It puts the wife into a position of having to make a decision she may not want to make. It embarasses the children, etc. And, most importantly, it has nothing to do with his business performance. Where was this sanctimonious Board when the real scandals were going on that did affect the company? Maybe the Board ought to be asked “let he who is without fault…” before making a decision based on “moral” grounds.