Some eye opening charts on Q1 2005 performance:

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courtesy of WSJ


As NYC Mayor Ed Koch used to say (before he went insane): "How I’m doin’?"
Well, here’s how:

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courtesy of WSJ

Note that the Amex is home to a lot of commodity and energy related products . . .

The Interest Rate Snapshot
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courtesy of Dow Jones


If you are an investor and you are not spending the $60/yr ($40 for print subscribers) on the online WSJ, you are missing out on a tremendous quantity of excellent content . . .


Stocks Declined in First Quarter Amid Focus on Inflation, Rates
By E.S. Browning
The Wall Street Journal, April 1, 2005; Page C1,,SB111222264994093587,00.html

The Great Divide: Greenspan’s ‘Conundrum’
By Simona Covel
Dow Jones Newswires
April 1, 2005; Page C12,,SB111222406944593629,00.html

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