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A few items worth reviewing

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On April 30, 2005 @ 9:16 am In Commodities,Economy,Markets,Weblogs | Comments Disabled

Its a rainy day here in the NorthEast, so for those of you who remain tethered to your computers over the weekend awaiting a change in weather, here are a few things worth exploring:

• Oil has obviously been roiling the markets, and its worth peering deeper into its relationship with the economy. Here’s a wrap of recent posts, comments, charts and resources on the slippery black stuff [1]. Most valuable post: The Oil Research Resources [2].

• I’ve gotten requests for some of my favorite market related blogs and resources. Instead of writing them all up. I put together a "meta page" of my favorite sources of other sources: The Meta-meta page [3]. There are few guarantees on Wall Street, but here’s one: I personally guarantee you will find something in this collection that will become utterly invaluable to you. And, you will be dumbfounded that all this is available for absolutely free.

• Please bear with a little shameless self-promotion: The Apprenticed Investor series [4] has developed into a fascinating area of discussion. The idea is to go beyond mere stock selection, to get at the investor behaviors that cost you money or missed opportunities. This probe into a variety of overlooked  subject matters in investing has definitely struck a nerve.  The feedback has been unlike anything else I’ve ever done on the site. Please check it out.

• A fascinating study was out this week, revealing that most Americans have a "poor grasp of economics [5]. Go figure: Can’t invest, don’t know understand economics, and nisunderstands the concept of risk management. Is it much of a surprise that plans to privitize social security — which looked like a slam dunk post-election — are in trouble?

• Lastly, a little goofy fun:  A friend directed me to  "Vintage Stock Market Predictor Computer [6]" up for sale on eBay. Its the very same one mentioned in Alan Abelson’s Up And Down Wall Street [7] column in Barron’s this weekend. Good luck finding one for yourself (I ain’t selling mine). 

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