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4 Responses to “Invisible Hand”

  1. anne says:

    Wonderful, New Yorker :)

  2. Andy Nardone says:

    Provocative but wrong. The less humorous but correct cartoon would show the the market shrugging its shoulders saying “That’s life.” People have to avoid falling into the trap of the personalizing the market (for stocks, jobs, goods etc.) It does’t know you and frankly, doesn’t concern itself with you. It owes you nothing. Once you accept that, you can get over it and get at it.

  3. james says:

    lol, “dude, can i buy that in bumpersticker form?” as for andy, i can only think of the wise words of principle chalmers “jeez, the rod up that guys butt must have a rod stuck up its butt.” as for the invisible hand, (here’s a nod toward the communitarians) its all of us. so why not just toss out a few small short lines, and add if things get worse. because of free voluntary exchange, we can also protect ourselves from the inevitble “middle finger.”

  4. dd says:

    So when the market tanks is it a poor excuse for a poor investment, a general market failure or just fate?