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Petroleum Day Wrap Up

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On April 27, 2005 @ 8:14 pm In Commodities,Markets | Comments Disabled

Its been sometime since our last Oil overview (All about Oil [1], October 2004). Lets wrap up Oil Wednesday (Alternate title: We’ve Gone Oil Crazy!) with an overview of today’s info:

All about Oil (XOI chart) [2]
Curious as to how oil companies have done over the past 2 years?
Answer:  Spectacular

China’s Syndrome?
(commodity demand)

Much of the rise in Oil — as well as other commodities traces back to China. The people blaming [3] terror premiums and speculators know not what they say

Oil Demand versus Capacity [4]
As Demand has grown, Capacity (Supply) has remained the same. Thats the textbook formula for higher prices

Oil’s Lesser Role? Its all Relative [5]
Its not the 1970s. But Oil is still a huge part of our economy

Wal-Mart versus Oil Prices  [6] 
As Oil reached multi-year highs, Wal-Mart’s stock has tumbled to multi-year lows. That’s no coincidence

China’s Thirst for Oil (and Cancer treatments) [7]
An enormous thirst for cheap oil (especially dirty diesel) in what is rapidly becoming the world’s most polluted nation will create a Bull market for cancer treatments

Capital Spectator & Christian Science Monitor [8]
A very good blog dedicated to economics of oil;  Also, several Christian Science Monitor articles that are quite insightful

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve [9]
Its gonna get topped off this Summer (so what?)

Oil Research Resources [10]
If you want to do further research, here’s a good starting point

Hope you found some of this helpful . . .

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