More on the J.E.C. testimony day yield curve conundrum:  Dan Gross points to a terrific Smart Money article all about the yield curve.



Its a great primer about various types of Yield Curves:  Normal, Steep, Inverted, Flat or Humped.



Living Yield Curve

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Upside-Down Interest Rates
Bad news for the U.S. that is worse news for the

Daniel Gross
Slate, Friday, June 3, 2005, at 3:31 AM PT

Category: Economy, Fixed Income/Interest Rates

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2 Responses to “All about the Yield Curve”

  1. spencer says:

    Since 1954 — when fed funds data first started — the average spread between funds and the 10 year t bond
    has been 0.8%. That does include the periods of a steeply negative curve.

    What is unusual is not where the yield curve is now.
    Rather, it is where it was a year ago when it was over 4% — except for a few months in 1989 that was an all time high.

  2. anne says:

    Excellent Spencer.