Its gorgeous out and I have barbecues to go to. This week’s installment will be quick:

Where Will Rates Go From Here?
I was involved in a debate on "The Fed and Inflation Targeting" at the WSJ (no subscription necessary). But the Fed’s exercise of their supposed mandate goes much further than that. (The wonks  amongst you will love this).

• Slate’s Daniel Gross’ looks at the global Savings Glut; he finds it a "self-serving explanation for America’s bad habits."

•  How Much Does Sarbanes-Oxley Cost?
A Washington Times article recently quoted a study putting the cost of
Sarbanes Oxley at $1.4 Trillion dollars. It turns out the study is not only flawed, but kinda clueless as well. The charts reveal why.

The Importance of RSS (and Google)
Interesting discussion of where blogs, as a media, may lead us

•  Financial Sentiment by Party
Its no secret that Democrats and Republicans see the world very differently. But do you know why? Mike Panzner explains.

•  Lose the News
I’m not making any friends with this Apprenticed Investor, but its true and you need to hear it:  The News media can entertain and inform you, but be careful how you use what you hear when it comes to investing.
•  Batter up! It turns out that "Sports Economist" is actually a job description.

•  The MSN Spaces Blogging Ghetto   
I suspect that Microsoft doesn’t really get this whole blogging thing.


Finally, as much as I found the Revenge of the Sith visually spectacular (thanks to ILM), Batman Begins is actually a much better film. But I really can’t wait to see Fantastic 4

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2 Responses to “Around the World in a half dozen links”

  1. Karmakin says:

    Batman Begins is just great. I just got back from seeing it. It’s this incredibly dark movie with this blazing light coming not from the core, but from the satellites orbiting around it. That’s the best way I can explain it.

  2. Mr. Snitch! says:

    Batman and Star Wars are so different in their approach. But I found similarities underneath: