Another cool bit of gadgetry: The ARCHOS mobile Digital Video Recorder AV 700

click photo for movie

Big 7" colour screen
Records directly from your cable & satellite box using Yahoo’s on line schedule
40GB to store 170 hours of video or 100 movies
DVD quality playback on TV via DivX3 & MPEG-4 files

The bad news:  about $1,000 . . .

This is the latest in Archos’ portable video series; The prior units have been:

The Archos AV 400 20G is $419;
The Archos AV480 is the same player with an 80 gig drive is $599;
Lastly, the Archos AV4100 — its got a 100 GB HD — is $729   

You gotta think the prices of these will come way down — otherwise, it makes more sense to buy a cheap laptop.

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2 Responses to “More Gadgetry: Archos 700”

  1. Nancy Cami says:

    I love it. As a bus commuter, I can download the TV shows I like in the evening and then watch them during my commute. The disadvantages: I wish they had some type of stand so that I don’t have to hold it during my ride.

    Overall, between the TV shows and the movies, it is a great gadget.

  2. MarrowMan says:

    Heh if I see him on the bus I’ll roll him for his $799 (CAD) Archos 700 LMAO heh.