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Sunday Link Fest!

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On June 12, 2005 @ 6:01 pm In Financial Press,Weblogs | Comments Disabled

"Its different this time." [1]

Make no doubt about it – thats precisely what Alan Greenspan said about the "puzzling decline" in long-term rates. While a decrease in yield on the 30 year has historically been a signal of upcoming economic weakness., the Fed Chair stated that "they aren’t as reliable a signal of such weakness as in the past." But is it ever different this time?

Wal-Marts in China actually sell porn [2]! Betcha didn’t know that!

But before you attack their "vaunted morality," its actually, just good business. The retail behemoth adapts to the mores [3] of the local environment. Prudish where customers are prudish, and freewheeling where the local clientele demands adult entertainment.

• Let’s not forget this week’s Apprentice Investor: Its on The Folly of Forecasting [4]. And, the genesis of this column is probably not what you think [5] it is.

• One of my favorite automobile journalists lays out the straight dope on UAW and GM negotiations [6]. You can say he disagrees with Cramer [7] on this:

“Let’s be clear about this: the United Auto Workers is not going to let General Motors cut ANY union benefits without a long and vicious fight. GM Vice President Rick Wagoner knows it. UAW Vice President Richard Shoemaker knows it.”

• Speaking of which: Some people consider hedge funds Alternative Investments; Not me. My spare cash is tied up in heavy metals [8], preferably from the 1940s thru 50s. (Warning: Giant time sinkhole).

• Is the U.K. foreshadowing U.S. Economy? [9] Great Britain has seens a retail slow down and a real estate boom — is that what’s in our future? Its an interesting thesis.

• NYU Prof of Economics Nouriel Roubini’s has a fascinating Meta site on all things economic related: the RGE Monitor. [10]

• Comparing the U.S. 10 Year Yield (Post-Crash) vs Japan’s post crash bond [11].  Just your everyday run of the mill liquidity trap.

• Here’s a fascinating look into the Future of Media [12], offering a very interesting perspective on what might be happen in the future. (Note: its a Flash presentation).

Household Debt in the US rising: I’ve said this before: Betting against the US consumer has been a losing wager — at least so far. And yet when we look at the parabolic rise of houshold debt [13] (via the St. Louis Fed) or rising liabilities vs assets [14] (via BLS) it may be a cause for concern sometime in the future.

• Mark Hulbert put together a list of stocks that might be impacted by changes in the Russell 2000 [15].

• Ever hear of the Trashcan Sinatras [16]?  They’re actually pretty good!

• Yes, even Freakonomics [17] has a blog.

That’s it from the North Shore  of Long Island, where the rain has stopped, the sun is coming out, and I am hitting the waves!

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