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Weekend Linkfest

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On June 26, 2005 @ 6:33 pm In Economy,Investing,Psychology,Real Estate | Comments Disabled

Man, its hot out there! I’ll just cool off in the A/C, and enjoy some weekend linkage:

From Bubble to Bubble [1]
Greenspan, J’accuse!   Everybody’s favorite bear places the blame for most of the world’s economic woes on the shoulders of you know who.  (Cant say I disagree much)

Confusing Sentiment Data [2]    
Recent polling data about American’s attitudes can get quite confusing. Consumer Sentiment up, Presidential  and Congressional ratings down. Go figure.

" [3]The non Technicians Guide to Technical Analysis [3] (in two parts).
Even if you are a fundie, some of the techniques of TA can save you money.

What If It’s a Bond Bubble and Condo Conundrum? [4]
Caroline Baum wonders why if Housing is a bubble, Bond prices aren’t?

Why Politics Matters to Investors [5]
Its not so much who you voted for but how you invest that may be getting impacted.
US sees big growth in high-risk home loans [6]
The number of ARMs and interest only lonas are skyrocketing.

Its Different This Time Redux [7]
Deustche Bank says the flattening yield curve can be safely ignored. (I say Poppycock!)

How Home Prices Can Be Hot but Inflation Cool [8]
The NYT looks at the history of how CPI substituted cheap rent for dear mortages and home prices.

Bob Lefsetz on Major Label Madness [9]
Lefsetz, an industry legend, dropkicks the labels’ bad business planning

50 Smart Things [10] — and 15 Dumb things [11] — to do with Your Money

Why Porn Stars are increasingly marketing mainstream products [12]

The Mess That Greenspan Made [13]
How 18 Years of Easy Money Have Changed the World


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