A heads up: I’ll be appearing on Fox today: Cavuto on Business @ 4:30pm EST.

The topics include the Fed, Alan Greenspan, and who will be replacing him, and of course, whether or not we are in the 8th inning rate tightening cycle.

I’m on with Jonah MaxFerris, and  Don Nelson of DC Nelson Capital

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One Response to “Your world with Neil Cavuto: (6/07/05)”

  1. Jim Edgerton says:

    Dear Neil Cavuto,

    I watch your news program daily and enjoy it very much. I find it very informative and it keeps me abreast of the important issues.

    Notes of interest for those wishing to be informed.

    Ø 1. STOP SIGN PHASEOLOGY – Post a two foot arrow with North, South, East or West directions on the back of each stops sign for people to know directions they are traveling. It could save 200,000 gallons of gas a year in the U.S.

    Ø 2. BEE KEEPERS VS. TIC’S – Tic’s don’t like Vanilla Extract.

    Ø 3. Examples of How A House Circuit Breaker Could be Put to Use to Deter Car Thefts. – A good mechanic could install a Circuit Breaker on the engine by the ignition wiring. This could illiminate about one-fourth of the car thefts giving the police a little respite

    Ø 4. We could have the Social Security bill passed by our legislative bodies. Any person drawing Social Security may hand their check back to Social Security in exchange for $8500.00 off on their income tax each year, with the understanding they can can ask for it back after 18 months. This will give them a sort of Double Under Taxation and make Social Security more solvent.

    Ø 5. Start a Bond Lottery Program run by the Post Offices to help support border patrolling. Have 3 drawings a year with 4 winning tickets at each drawing. Charge up in the $30.00 to $40.00 range.

    Allow people to call in and use credit card to purchace Bond Lottery. Use money for building Border Protection.

    Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully,

    Jim Edgerton