I always seem to be surprised by the results of the WSJ poll. My mistake is I keep impuning the very Conservative Op -Ed page with the readership’s politics — which may tend more towards independent pragmatism than I realized.

This poll is a perfect example:
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poll courtesy of WSJ

Fascinating stuff . . .


UPDATE: JULY 12,  2005 6:11 am

As of this morning, the total votes cast were 3249, but the percentages stayed about the same:

Tony Blair
1641 votes (50%)
George W. Bush
774 votes (24%)
They’re about the same
835 votes (26%)


Question of the Day: Who does a better job of leading his country, Bush or Blair?
WSJ, July 11, 2005

Category: Politics, War/Defense

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One Response to “Bush or Blair?”

  1. J Lonsdale says:

    The timing of the question obviously biases any results. Think of this same question asked on a New York Times (Or any more liberal newspaper) poll Sept 16th, 2001.