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Terror & Markets Round Up

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On July 9, 2005 @ 11:30 am In Markets,Psychology,War/Defense | Comments Disabled

I was on vacation this past week, but I happened to be up early Thursday, and junkie that I am, flipped on CNBC; I posted these comments early — Terror Attack in London [1] — and then emailed them to my traders, sales people, brokers and mailing list. They got fairly carried widely in the MSM.

Wikipedia [2] has a fairly comprehensive overview of what happened when;

Flickr [3] has lots of photos from on the ground, tagged 7/7 Community (formerly London Bomb Blasts) [4];

• The Stock Trader’s Almanac [5] looked at the history of How Crises Impact Markets [6];

• The WSJ [7] had an interesting look at Post-Terror Market Responses [8] looking at the Embassy bombings  in Kenyan/Tanzania, the Yemen USS Cole attack, and the Madrid train bombings; (if no WSJ subscription, click here [8]);

• Both the WSJ [9] and the NYT [10]  showed minute by minute [11] reactions  to the attack in London (if no WSJ subscription, click here [12]);

•  There is a very specific reason why I approach this subject with a "Clinical Objectivity [13];" For some insight into why, read this: The Goal of Terror & the Global Economy [14]   

That’s an overview of some recent thoughts and resources on London 7/7, and its impact on Markets.

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