Why are Movie Theatre Revenues Declining?   
Earlier this week, I looked into why theaters were having such a rough go of it. Turns out to have nothing to do with piracy. (There is a robust discussion — about 50 comments — at the end)

• The WSJ’s wrap up of the Yuan depegging was terrific (as usual). I’m a fan of the online WSJ version, and in a related, fascinating tidbit, Dow Jones now derives more profit from online than dead tree version of the WSJ — on only half the revenue.

• Overlooked in all the fuss this week were some startling figures as to the costs of the Iraq War. For more details, take a gander at "Will the US Economy Become a Victim of the Iraq War?"   

• My take on the Yuan revaluation, Federal Reserve Responsibilities Outsourced to China, was only partially tongue-in-cheek. But don’t overlook the much more significant factor:  Vulnerable Mortgages and the Depegging of the Chinese Yuan

• On a related topic, Barron’s Alan Abelson looks at the impact of the Housing sector on the Economy, via Merrill Lynch’s David Rosenberg. (If you still don’t have a Barrons subscription, go here)

• A recent NBER Working Paper looks at the issue of U.S. losing lead in science and engineering-study

• How Atypical is the present Business Cycle Recovery? Let’s go to the Federal Reserve Regional Banks:

∞ See this chart from the Cleveland Fed;

∞ See this study from the Boston Fed;

∞ See this study from the Chicago Fed;

Incidentally, Greenspan distanced himself from the Boston study.

Poker Is Flush With Insight for Traders 
Doug Kass usually publishes at the not
inexpensive Street Insight. Whenever a column of his rolls over to the
free site, its a must read, and this one is no exception.

• Finally, have a look at Clive Thompson. Thompson was a Knight science-journalism fellow at MIT, and is a writer on politics, technology, and culture.  His blog, collision detection, is an interesting read.

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  1. John says:

    The WSJ.com is great, and the fact that it includes Barron’s makes it one of the best bargains out there.