Way cool white PSP — wonder when PS2 will be out in iPod white?


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116 Responses to “White PSP”

  1. clish says:

    PS2 already has a white version… its just not sold in North america

  2. poooooop says:

    It came out in Japan on September, 15 and I have heard rumors of it coming out in the Us before Christmas. Till next time peace out!

  3. kunal says:

    why are the psp not a 150 pounds because i want to buy one but they are expensive

  4. sfj says:

    yeah it is to expensive

  5. chelo says:

    well i have ordered a white psp from http://www.ukoffer.com and its only £168.80 you try it

  6. michael says:

    when r they coming out in north america?????

  7. jonh says:

    yea this beter come to the us. couse i really want it for christmas.

  8. john blake says:

    when is the white psp coming to america and how much is it going to cost?i want to have one for my birthday or christmas.

  9. john blake says:

    hit me back with some info

  10. Jon Blake says:

    Its comming out december 5th in the U.S and the 12th in the U.K.

  11. Jess says:

    Ok I love the PSP. But I can’t believe that Sony didn’t incorporate a digital camera into the unit! After all the portable media players that have been released to the public you’d think that would be a big enough clue!
    If you think about it, it’s rather stupid. They say that you can HOLD pictures. WTF! That means I have to go buy a camera too! It doesn’t have to be 5 mega pixels but a flash would be nice. Sony abandoned me with the network walkman [nw-hd1] and they failed again with the PSP. Oh and btw if you’re into what’s in but you don’t wana buy something that will be out in a month. I highly recommend buying the PSP because the Xbox 360 has done so well that Sony won’t have a chance in the console world so they will back their PSP to stay in the gaming world.

  12. Punisher says:

    when does the white psp giga pack actully come out?
    cause i reaaly want one for christmas badly. are you sure it comes out on dec 5???

  13. george buff says:

    the white psp is not as good as the black one. I hope that sony makes a lime green psp, now that would be cool. By the way, the white psp may not come to America, because it is not doing so well in Japan.

  14. George Buff says:

    Wow the guy above has my name, George Buff
    pleased to meet you George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. George Buff says:

    Not really !

  16. pink says:

    yeah i wanted the white but i could’nt wait so i got the black 1

  17. deanis91 says:

    i got one today but i still wont a white one

  18. PinoyNinja says:

    um… yea i really hope they DON’T come here to America because I am lucky enough to have had one imported from Japan (via my friend who I went to tokyo w/ over the summer and went back over winter break) and it’s just soo frick’n awesome watching others think they’re cool w/ their black one, until I make them jealous when I whip out my shiroi (white) PSP

    but… if any of you ever manage to get your hands on one somehow like I did, you’ll also love it as much as I have

    what i’m trying to say is, if there’s ever a chance you can get a white PSP before (they are sold outside of Japan), take it, because it’s soo worth it!

  19. hs says:

    hubby bought me a white psp for christmas and i have to agree with deanis91 it is the coolest thing having a white one when everyone else has a black one! hehe its great to be different!!! no-one ive come across has a white one yet, then again I live in England, we’re a bit behind when it comes to technology ( & lots of other things too actually)

  20. hs says:

    oops i meant to agree with PinoyNinja!

  21. brad says:

    i live in US and i got a white psp for chrismas and i was wondering if i had to get all my accessories from japan?? any info would help

  22. dada says:

    does the white one play us movies and games

  23. PinoyNinja says:

    the Japanese white PSP (and the black one also) can play American games w/o any problems, but region coded movie UMDs will not work, as i found out when i bought Harold and Kumar go to White Castle on UMD, only to find that it wouldn’t play it… XP

  24. TS says:

    I know where you can get a white PSP regular pack or the white PSP giga pack. The regular pack is $255.00 US and the giga pack is $325.00 US. The website has gotten very good ratings so,….and the shipping is cheap too!


  25. bob_bob says:

    So what features does the white psp have compared to the black one?

  26. bob_bob says:

    So what features does the white psp have compared to the black one?

  27. dada says:

    is there a US version of the white psp yet

  28. grapefruit says:

    If you guys want a white PSP, you can get them at your local chinese shopping mall. My chinese mall is called “Fairview Mall’ in Toronto Canada, but the boxes are all open.

  29. andrew says:

    i dont see the point of the white psp because there is no difference between that and the black one except colour

  30. jose says:

    when is the white psp going to come out in usa, and how much is it going to cost? I whant it for my birthday april 1 2006

  31. JP says:

    who ever thinks that 360 is gona rule the console world is straight up retarded go to ign.com and look at the side by side comparison of power. PS3 and the psp when connected is going to be amazing. as for the white psp its just to show that you really like you ipod and the extrs feature you get with the japanese white psp is that you cant watch north american umd’s you have to order the asian versions and read subtitles

  32. dada says:

    i found the white psp giga pack for 270

  33. dada says:

    that price was after shipping

  34. Dubels says:

    I have one I need to get rid of. Its a White Giga Pack, and also a copy of SOCOM.

  35. Chamillitary says:

    does any1 know if da white psp came out in toronto, canada cuz im gettin 1 for ma b-day on feb.10 but i really want a white one not black(actually want a white gigapack but a normal white bundle will do) so if any1 know if it came out in toronto and where its being sold plz e-mail me at coedra10@hotmail.com. L8ER!

  36. Download says:

    how big is the memory stick supposed to be with the starter pack for the white PSP?

  37. Bax says:

    The PSP whether white or Black is major. My friend recently touched down in NY and picked a value pack up for $335…What a rip-off…The only appealling thing between the two (Black&White)is the sick white case the white psp comes with….

  38. rebel says:

    ps3 will blow the 360 out of the water when it is realesed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. dstein says:

    I heard that if you upgrade the (Japanese) white psp with American firmware this will allow you to watch American region UMDs, does anyone know if this is true?

  40. David says:

    Hopefully rebel is right because im ordering one since its my bday and my dad gave me 300 dollars.. i dont care cause ima put my own videos on it anyways.. =)

  41. David says:

    Hopefully rebel is right because im ordering one since its my bday and my dad gave me 300 dollars.. i dont care cause ima put my own videos on it anyways.. =)

  42. pat says:

    My friend just got a white PSP yesterday! it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot really! I thing his friend from California

  43. tho says:

    it’s there anyone know when is the white psp come to USA .If anyone know please contact me thananhhk@yahoo.com. I really like the white one and i want to get one as soon as i could. :)

  44. mazi says:

    when does the white psp come out at england

  45. Asania says:

    I want a lime-green PSP for my birthday

  46. Mark says:

    I heard you cant play american games. if thats true, then it sucks.

  47. THe Light says:

    hey !? what the different of the psp black to white ?! its all most the same ! its much more better if they made a update or upgrading of the old one to have the same function . . . i mean the tv thing ! and we in the north i mean we ! the people talk english can hack to make a program or upgrade but they made it special! the CERAMIC PSP or the white psp can only be use i mean the other future only in japan! WHF! is that! hey!? people of the world will you buy a psp that they just change the cover of the black psp in to a white but its that same function also? im not sure but this is some of us saw! like the nintendo ! they have DS and now the small and compact version ! but same ! no video if you want video you must buy in japan the accessoriess! i get im tell!? you deside? but if they seng the same one like in japan!? i get one but if its the same as the black!?


    or this


    or more like this

    or ill do that if its the same !

  48. Al says:

    I have a White PSP and I live in the United States do I have to buy movies and games from Japan?

  49. jeff sanc says:

    pleaz, da white psp is da same thing as the black. i mean, what iz da differance. what, the psp is white and that’s your favorite color. it is better to buy a black psp because it plays american games, not some stupid japanese chin chon mackohoiy crap. no offese, but if you think your cool and your in the 2006 gear wit dat white gadget, your not because someone is going to come up and say “hey can i see a game” and you have nothing, nada, zip. I am just saying because it is a waist of money if you live in north america. but if you really want it go ahead, because the money is not coming from my pocket to some frogein country

  50. J says:

    Just to tell you, It CAN play American games you dumbass, not the movies though, Jesus Christ!!Chin chon mackohoiy… Ha, that’s pretty funny, except for the fact that you don’t have to play some chin chon mackohoiy crap… Retard

  51. mike b says:

    first of all, i want to thank jeff sanc for telling Al that he is RETARDED!!!!!! i have the white psp and it is sick. just cause your jealous that some people have cooler shit then you doesnt mean you should try to cover it up and act like your too cool for it. And would every one shut up about when its coming to the US!!!!!! BUY IT OFFLINE!!! thanx you and have a nice day

  52. dylan martinez says:

    do the whit psp’s even play dvd’s cause when I tried the sample disk it did not work on the movie part so tell me how I can fix dat ok thatnkyou

  53. Sean F says:

    hey if you want a dif color for ur psp just go buy new plates and they are only like 30 dollers you can get red green every fricken color

  54. Kristian says:

    white PSP is WAY better than the black one. because the black one break easy I have one of the black and it broken. But Im getting the White and it way better truse me I know about technology I can fix stuff and 30 second (most stuff) Pick the white one it cost $314.60 that for stuff include go to http://www.PSP.com
    and your Click onn Asia pacific and then click on japan and it well give your the cost for the white PSP it chape truse I know.

  55. ABDUL says:

    okayy the white one is awesome and stuff and im still thiking f buying it but it dosnt play umd movies from america because im from los angeles and i want to buy movies….plz somebody tell me the solution..

  56. being reasonable says:

    buy a black one i’m sure the white one is cool and all but it can’t play region 1 ( american ) movies then wats the point? if someone had a white one i would be too distracted watching my movies to pay attention. i mean really whats the point of watching or playing japanese games when u can’t read what they are saying?

  57. BlackWShirt says:

    Quote:Jon Blake | Nov 22, 2005 6:15:22 PM
    I highly recommend buying the PSP because the Xbox 360 has done so well that Sony won’t have a chance in the console world so they will back their PSP to stay in the gaming world.

    the PS3 blows the x-box 360 outa the water even though it hasn’t come out yet t, th specs have come in and they’re much better than the 360′s soo wait it out and get the PS3 or the PSP.

  58. BlackWShirt says:

    sorry jon it was either you or jess who possted that…

  59. white psp says:

    the white psp has a 16 million colour screen which the black does not so the image is sharper got mine of ebay

  60. ckm1224 says:

    i got my white psp in japan in march. its so sweet. i got the value pack, and bought an extra 512 mb. why i didn’t just get the giga pack beats me. and like everybody else on here that got their white psp’s, i made people with black psp’s get jealous so bad. mwahahaha. it matches my white ps2 :D got that back in 2004 when it came with gran turismo 4 prologue. so now both of my imported systems match.

    and for the people who wanted to know about american umd’s on japanese psp’s: no it doesn’t work. but ALL games are region-free (which is frickin AWESOME), so imma start buying american games to add to my japanese psp game collection soon.

    btw, i shet you not, but my psp value pack cost me $88 with a discount.

  61. silver says:

    Can da english version play multiplayer with the jap version?

  62. crazzy says:

    ok i got my psp in the us from my friend he sold it mo brand new but i jus read info that it will not come in the us for a while not untill japan sell alot….and there only for $235.87+tax injapan…..but the japanies verson wll not play umd videos….u have to download a thing, which im trying to find out what it is…aight late.

  63. crazzy says:

    i got the white one…..it looks sexy…n i mean sexy

  64. jen says:

    i heard that you can just download american movies onto your usb and play them off there

  65. juciy says:

    can sum 1 tell me where i can get a white psp in the uk coz i cn’t find any

  66. rj says:

    well this site realy helped me cuz i was just aboutto buy a white psp off ebay but then i decided to see the differnce between jpn and us version and its retarded if u would rather have a white just to show off rather then watch movies,
    thats all

  67. yo dude says:

    u know what thats crazy the blue psp just came out in australia and you can take pictures and it stores 60g

  68. Britt says:

    I actually owned the white psp and BOY is it lovely :-) solovely my cuz stole it and probably sold that shyt. it had the case and the earphones and the adaptor and i got it for $235 plus Shipping for a total of $242. The web brower is hot. I would go to my Bf’s college which has a wireless campus and surf the web. i didnt have to buy any extras with the value pack and i know where you can get a 2gb memory stick for under $75 and its real!! i am looking to buy another one because i miss mine.. If you know a place where its under $250 including shipping let me know my e-mail is on here.
    overall i love it and i have a feeling that it isnt coming to the USA.

  69. a;sklfjklsad says:

    whats up i am wanting to buy one white psp but i just started to saave money today and i will have enough in three months… huhhhhhhhh! but these are so expensive i wonder if it is worth it.

  70. UrBoricuaGirl says:

    Whats the different between black 1 and white? i mean the movies still work? all white psp comes in japanese version?

  71. poor gal says:

    i am in singapore … thinking of getting a white PSP …
    would it be the same as all the black PSP function n stuff ??
    can anyone tell me??n can i play english tittles in the white PSP … i read some of the post but some ppl say can n some ppl say cannot i really wonder …
    plz help!!!

  72. poor gal says:

    i am in singapore … thinking of getting a white PSP …
    would it be the same as all the black PSP function n stuff ??
    can anyone tell me??n can i play english tittles in the white PSP … i read some of the post but some ppl say can n some ppl say cannot i really wonder …
    plz help!!!

  73. tue says:

    i saw a white psp in america that’s only $270. It’s in Houston. (HONG KONG 4) the teddy bear shop
    It plays american games and movies.

  74. tue says:

    i saw a white psp in america that’s only $270. It’s in Houston. (HONG KONG 4) the teddy bear shop
    It plays american games and movies.

  75. mike says:

    is the white psp out in america now in 2006 or is it comming out later because i dont want to but one from japan our hong kon and it doesnt work with american games and movies so if any 1 can email me back if they now. drummerof93@aim.com (NO SPAM)

  76. alien says:

    just found out the games and everything for PSP is all region free… so if u wan buy the white PSP then go ahead …

  77. pSP says:


  78. llamagirl says:

    pretty cool it stinged me with annoyance when i got my black psp and saw that most of the accessories were all whit…like apple….very annoying…i will definetly not buy another one in white cuz i am currently saving for a ds lite….which is gunna be awesome!!!!!!! i think if sony wanted to really wow everybody it should have come out in white first and then brought out the black one….i dunno why

    llamas are fluffy!

  79. alien says:

    just got a white PSP very cool…. those ppl with the black one looked so sad when they see the white one… really pity them a lot…

  80. wazza says:

    i bought a wite psp yesterday and it is amazing. i luv it. cheap and came wid gta. cool.

  81. Dan says:

    Hey I really want to get a white PSP. If Anyone knows these answers please e-mail me at dan_the_man820@hotmail.com . I would like to know can the white psp model 1000 will work 2 player with the North American PSP 1001 model. Can you go online with it in Canada and if I update it Using the North American 2.71 update what will happen to the psp. If anyone knows answers to any of these questions please post it or better please email me. please

  82. m.k. says:

    the white psp’s are not that hard to find!all you people talk about your white psp’s and how yor the only people with them.well guss what,you can buy them on ebay $200 there are so many of them there all in the us.but you didnt know about ebay so you drove your f$@k a$ down to japan or you had it shiped for like $500.so you think your good,just give me a week and i could have a truck load of them all new in the box not damaged or any thing new right from the assemboly line.

  83. El Diablo says:

    can you download version 2.71 on white psp

  84. m.k. says:

    why isn’t any body f@$KING RESPONDING TO ME DAMN YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Sly says:

    ps3 is the best

  86. Rumorkid says:

    Psp has had problems. Sony loses money each psp they sell. Ps3 has controllers tilt sensitive and wireless. BUT CAN ANY ONE TELL ME IF THEY ARE GOIN TO HAVE WHITE PSP FOR US. I could just order them online. BUT I WANT TO BUY THE WHITE PSPs IN STORES.plus pink psps are comming.

  87. Ryon says:

    when is the psp coming out with a family guy game I’m getting a whiter psp for my birthday so hahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahah

  88. cooly says:

    ok ok ok i want a wite psp soooooo F********* badly if u no any M************ info hit me bak right away
    at codymailhot@yahoo.ca

  89. coozer says:

    I read that not just that there coming out with a white psp but there also making it so you can watch T.V. on your psp also and for you guys who want one real bad go to google and tipe in white psp and you’ll get good offers for it like $229.90 and free shipping.

  90. dd says:

    the white psp is better than the black one because it has a few extra features like tv and some other things. it comes out in america september 15th 06.

  91. iceck says:

    i just got the white one…its freakin sweet. and…mine came with a 1g memory stick duo in it. so it beat all yours! haha.

    i dont care about the movies though…ill just dl them myself. but yeah…if you want a white one with a 1g card in it, go to hong kong and buy it there. they upgrade it free of charge. it just costs $300 more HK dollars. but thats like $30 US. so its worth it.

    so clean xD

  92. anil says:

    white psp is much beta dan da black psp white psp gota a t-.v black is the shitiest and the worest

  93. kyle says:

    does the white psp have televison built into it nd is there any! way that it can play us movies??? and is it being released in the US?

  94. Reza says:

    what’s the diference between black and white psp ?

  95. vin says:

    I think ps3 suck compared to 360 and psp is better then 360 so for all u retards 360 has better graphics &stuff then the PS3 k? cause who would want to buy PS3 crap haha its not crap its bull shit yall.

  96. anik says:

    I agree with vin xbox 360 is waaaaay off the charts then PS3 and PSP better then 360 so thats just to back him up cause i know you retards THINK that but u dont KNOW that.

  97. Flex says:

    got my white psp just a couple weeks ago and it is pretty awesome. only thing it cant do is play north american umds. so for the people worrying about the movies, you can just download the movies off the internet and send it over to your psp through usb and save it onto your memory stick. and if the memory stick that you have is not big enough for you. get a bigger one.

  98. Flex says:

    my mistake, it CANT play north american MOVIES. but it CAN play north american GAMES

  99. Ashley says:

    Do all you people have white Japanese PSP’s? I am thinking of getting the white or pink Japanese one, but was concerned about dead pixels and the fact that none of them will allow you to exchange them, anyone have a problem with dead pixels?

  100. sid says: