Over the past decade, when gasoline prices have been
falling, year-on-year same-store sales gains at Wal-Mart have tended to outpace
the growth in overall retail sales and vice versa.

Walmart Sales versus Gasoline

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Source: Michael Panzner

it is not necessarily causal, it lends some credence to the idea that the
working-class customers of the nation’s largest retailer adjust their spending
in response to what they must pay at the pump.



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2 Responses to “Chart of the Week: Walmart Relative Sales versus Gasoline Prices”

  1. The Stalwart says:

    Oil Contrarianism

    Jeff Matthews offers a simple observation about the world’s oil market:There’s Nigeria (10% of U.S. crude oil imports), which is run by a “former military ruler” who was about as “freely elected” as Saddam Hussein back in his glory days

  2. Barry,

    Excellent work and yes it’s boomerang time. Whether it be high oil prices, terrorist activity or global pandemic, or a combination of the above? Take your pick.