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Sunday Linkfest

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On August 7, 2005 @ 6:23 pm In Weblogs | Comments Disabled

I have a ton of offline stuff to get to today, but what the heck — here’s a few items of interest:

• Economic data this past week was dominated by NFP — the 207k New Jobs were the best we have seen in quite some time. It was a good, but not great, report [1]. Why? As Barron’s Alan Abelson [2] noted, "It looks like the U.S. economy is now dominated by housing, shopping, eating and drinking." (If no Barron’s subscription, click here [3]). Also overlooked in the data deluge was a pretty hefty downwards revision of GDP [4] for the past few years, knocking off a third of a point.

• Like NFP and Rafael Palmeiro, the economy’s data sounds better than it really is naturally; Call it the case of the Juiced Data [5].   

• Interesting long term discussion on the future of energy prices: Will Oil Markets Loosen or Tighten In The Next Five Years? [6] (via Weeden & Co.)

• China’s Baidu.com exploded out of the gate yesterday, rising more than fourfold. At one point intraday, the $27 IPO broke thru $150.  Speculative excess, anyone? [7]

• One way to tell you are in a bull market? All the stock related spam [8].

Consumer Issues and Investors [9]:  I had a lot of problems with my holiday season purchases, and judging by all your emails, so did many of you. This is an explanation of what it might mean [9] (nearly all the email complaints can be found here [10]

• I’ve noted in the past that DVD prices are dynamic, while CD prices seem to be etched in concrete. Is this changing? Are CD Prices Getting More Dynamic?    [11]

• Despite Cody’s protests [12], MP3s still get swapped regularly. And look who want’s to help: Yahoo! They have created an audio search engine [13].

The Long Tail [14] is of interest to those who follow media, content and technology. Its by Wired Ed-in-Chief Chris Anderson.

• Lastly,this looks like fun: Slate’s Museum Audio Tours [15] — Its the commentary museums don’t want you to hear 

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