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Today’s Music and Film Posts

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On August 23, 2005 @ 3:35 pm In Film,Intellectual Property,Music,Web/Tech | Comments Disabled

Today’s Music and Film posts are going to cover a lot of ground — its more a round up than a specific rant (you can see Lefsetz’ industry takedown [1] for that).

MusicFile-sharing continues at colleges [2] — whats surprising about this is that file sharing remains active even at schools that offer free versions of Ruckus, Cdigix, Napster and RealNetworks.

Why? ‘Cause none of the all-you-can-eat-buffet services allow you to transfer your music to your iPods. Is it any surprise that Yahoo’s! Music Unlimited [3] — which is similarly tethered to a PC with no provision for moving it to iPod — has no traction. None.
How clueless are these companies?

Movies:  Our prior discussion as to Why movie theatre attendance was declining [4] paid scant focus to the quality of the films. Theater owners disagree, making the Hey Hollywood! Make Better Movies to Lure Crowds! [5]   See also,
Summer’s Flops Spur Movie Studios To Reassess TV Ads. [6]

Long tail:

New on Amazon- Short Stories For 49 Cents [7] (WSJ)
‘Telenovelas’ Become A Vibrant New Niche In the DVD Market [8] (WSJ)


RIAA: Wired takes down the RIAA fabrication that the Mafia are music pirates in Mob Pirates: Menace or Myth? [9] 

Bring ‘em on: a Mom refuses to knuckle under to RIAA litigation threats, and says "Lets go to court [10]."

Tech: The iPod is why Apple is able to beat Sony’s music service, even on their home turf [11].

The first sign of improvement for the Japanese giant are the Sony beans [12]; While they don’t look like iPod killers, they are certainly are improvements over Sony’s old offerings.

Bluebean500x500 [13]


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