I thought 5 flights in 5 days was a pain in the arse — until I had to fly out of the very same airport where there was just an "incident."

That Jet Blue Flight with the damaged nose wheels, and the passengers watching it on the inflight entertainment system?

Flight 229, 3:20 from Burbank’s Bob Hope airport to JFK on Thursday?

No, I wasn’t on it — but I was on the exact same flight on the very next day. Flight 229, 3:20 from Burbank to JFK on Friday.

As you can imagine, the cabin was a bit tense before take off.

The co-pilot comes out of the cockpit before we taxi to the runway. He announces, "our captain has personally inspected the landing gear of this aircraft . . . He says these are the finest looking set of wheels he has ever seen on any aircraft anywhere."

Everybody laughs. The cabin relaxes a bit. We had a blessedly uneventful trip.

Good to be back home.

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  1. Say What’s On Everybody Else’s Mind

    How do you handle a tense customer situation? Address it head on. The Big Picture has a great example of this. Barry was on Jet Blue flight 229 from Burbank to JFK the day after the scary landing gear accident.