Interesting breakdown of SPX Earnings by Sector, via Zacks.

My key takeaway is Energy, Utilities and Materials showed alot of strength, while Financials and Consumer were particularly weak. Note that Telecom and Industrials were surprisingly strong. In terms of Revenue and Earnings gains, however, Energy was the best game in town.

What does this mean? Energy being up is hardly a good thing — it has a tendency to suck all the air out of the room; Two other points: Consumer staples and discretionary were at the bottom of the heap (we’ve addressed this previously).

Lastly, its hard to imagine any rally  having much legs — measured in months, not quarters — with Financials doing so poorly.


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Sector EPS Growth Sales Growth Total Reported % Reported
Energy 51% 27% 29 29 100%
Industrials 28% 13% 54 53 98%
Materials 24% 7% 33 33 100%
Telecom Services 23% 2% 10 10 100%
Utilities 20% 7% 33 32 97%
Health Care 14% 12% 55 55 100%
Technology 11% 7% 78 78 100%
Financials 8% 12% 83 81 98%
Consumer Staples 6% 7% 37 35 95%
Consumer Discretionary 5% 6% 88 86 98%
Total 14% 10% 500 492 98%

(Note: EPS and sales growth compare current quarterly results vs. prior year ago quarter)

Source: Zacks

Category: Earnings

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    Is earnings growth in the Energy Sector really “sucking all the air out of the room” as Barry Ritholtz suggests? Political Calculations notes that it’s all in how you look at it.