Is it too early to even be thinking about the upcoming Mid-Term elections?




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5 Responses to “2006 Elections: An early Look”

  1. SoCalDem says:

    Is it too early to think about Christmas?

  2. dude says:

    as long as all these indictments and subsequent trials are still in the news in 2006, the Dems will have to be blithering idiots (which is not out of the question) not to pick up ALOT of seats. Every single candidate for the house running against a Republican should forget about running against their opponent and just run a campaign against Tom DeLay. All they gotta do is runn 100 ads per day saying that the incumbant republican voted with DeLay on this and that, and helped DeLay do this, and donated to DeLay’s defense fund, etc. Its a no brainer.

  3. Frank says:

    I agree with your comments, but you need to pay closer attention to your grammar.

    “ALOT” is two words “a lot”… or in this case a LOT. And um… it’s “blathering” not blithering; and “run” not “runn.” “It’s a no-brainer” not “its.”

    BR: If you want perfect grammar and spelling, go to the MSM . . .

  4. Dan says:

    Do you honesty think the American public will give 2 shits about the outgoing presidents political advisor a year from now?

    The general population (IE people who don’t pay attention to politics’ until election time) will start paying attention about May-June of next year. Rove/DeLay will be long gone by then. In Aug/Sept Bush will pull Osama out of his cave, national feeling towards Republicans will be high again and we will (once again) win.

    I predict a 1-2 net Senate Seat gain for the Republicans. Most likely states are NJ (The outgoing senator is now Governor) Maryland, Minnesota (Rep won here 2 years ago) and Wisconsin. (Former Gov. T. Thompson is loved throughout the state and would win hands down.) So if we win 3-4 then whatever happens in Penn, RI or Ohio won’t matter.

    As a Republican I can honestly say Democrats need to start coming up with ideas of their own rather then criticizing and complaining about everyone else. I mean what platform do you have to run on besides “I hate the war” and “they aren’t honest” which is hypocritical from the party of “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” That didn’t work for Kerry and it won’t work now.

    Just some advice before your party disintegrates