Today’s chart comes courtesy of Vanguard Funds. It shows the
total value (NYSE, Nasdaq and Amex) as a percentage of GDP. Historically, the
market has run into trouble when, after a long Bull run, it penetrated the
average Market Value as a % of GDP to the upside. Mean reversion would be the
rationale for some of the bigger Bear Markets following theses spikes (shaded

Market Value of Equities as a % of GDP


Source: Vanguard

Note that after 1990, this measure completely detached from
its prior range. This implies that there may be yet more mean reversion in
equities’ near future.


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“The things which hurt, instruct.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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4 Responses to “Chart of the Week: Market Value of Equities as a % of GDP”

  1. Andy says:

    Could it be that there are lots more multinational/international companies now trading on our exchange? This may be an apples-oranges comparison. Maybe a comparison of worldwide equities market value to world GDP might make more sense to see if we’re above average or not.

    I still think you’re right that we’re due for a strong correction, but I don’t think this particular chart adds much to your case.

  2. guerby says:

    Andy: Agreed, I made a similar remark a few days ago in another econ blog :).

  3. jzeide says:


    The link to the king of real estate random piece links to the republican rift article…is this the Fortune piece on Barrack?


  4. Chris says:

    Is it possible that more companies are publicly listed now (last 20 years) than before?