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Half a million smackeroos?  I would be hitting that bid so fast your head would spin!

My blog is worth $478,165.38.
How much is your blog worth?


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6 Responses to “How Much Is My Blog Worth?”

  1. Roberto says:

    Hey that isn’t fair my blog is only worth about $7400.. I am going long my blog and shorting yours.. LOL

  2. Ah, my blog is worth less than a measly 3000 but I just started it two months ago. Patience…

  3. Tron says:

    hey mine is worth
    $ 758.
    ne takers

  4. Asuka_Aki says:

    What the heck do you have as content, or do to have sucj a high value? Is it basd on visitors or content?

  5. A combination of traffic and content . . .

  6. Asuka_Aki says:

    I’M ashamed, my blog is 2-3 months old, it is in french though. I only have a little over 2000$ worth blog…I thought that was not bad…before comong here lol!