I’ve been railing on why Markets should focus on energy prices and consumer spending, rather than core
CPI; Here’s a quick video interview I did with Forbes on the subject on Tuesday afternoon:

Forbes Interview
click for video

Source: Forbes Video


UPDATE September 13, 2005 1:37pm

BTW, the coolest thing about the offices were the interview took
place was Malcolm S. Forbes’ Motorcycle — right in the office waiting



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7 Responses to “Inflation, Energy & Core CPI (Forbes Video)”

  1. blue says:


    i first heard your opinions on the “radioeconomist” interview that you did a few weeks ago. it was refreshing to finally hear someone in The Business that i could relax and enjoy because everything made sense. in 1999 i got a job at the pacific exchange to learn how to trade options so that i could make leveraged gains on the inevitable market crash, i was truly surprised to find that 99% of the people that worked there, trading in the pits, making markets, could not the the inevitable coming. there was one guy that i met that reminds me of you, everything made SENSE, whether i disagreed with this that or the other, the underlying assumptions were based in reality. now, all these years later, i realize that i shouldn’t be surprised that the vast majority of ink spilled and air wasted is not ‘tradable’ information. now i focus on that one percent, the needles in the haystack, my concensus posse, and i’m so glad that you are able to speak publicly as you do. thanks.

  2. scorpio says:

    barry. how bout this refco nonsense? what i love about greenspan and the proliferation of credit derivatives, non-oversight of financial institutions: the laissez-faire crowd always assumes full information and market participants strong enuf to discipline the outliers. here we’ve got a situation involving massive fraud, escaped detection in an IPO process, AND PRESUMABLY escaped detection by smarty-pants types TH Lee. if the smartest guys in the room cant figure out the balance sheet of a company they own 37% of, what hope for us little chickens?

  3. Tim says:

    Core inflation as “horrifically misleading” – I detect a seasonal slant to this characterization.

    I look forward to your Thanksgiving and Yuletide perspectives on this subject.

  4. nate says:

    bicycles are cool too-

  5. Thijs says:

    First time I could see you live, because I don’t live in the USA but in Europe and we can’t see all those interviews you give :(
    What I like about your style is that it makes sence and is well explained and that you support your views with numbers and that you analyse those numbers. Good work!

  6. Steve says:

    Been enjoying your blog. Great to see you present your ideas in person. Thanks.

  7. Idaho_Spud says:

    Very eloquent Barry! I wish that you had more than a brief interview!