In 1961, when this terrific Mose Allison disc first came out, Gasoline was 19 cents a gallon and Ford was doing well as an automaker.

44 years later, my how things have changed.

For some reason, the pic of the album cover was unavailable anywhere on the web. A quick scan remedied that:


From the Mose Allison Trilogy: High Jinks!, V-8 Ford Blues from one of the 3 discs on this Mose Allison rarity — I just got this, and its terrific . . . 

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3 Responses to “V-8 Ford Blues”

  1. hosenpants says:

    At least we can still count on Mose!

  2. arkady says:

    this pic, i bet, is a copyrighted artwork and i guess you have money to compensate the copyright owner and you live (unfortunately ?) in the US. check it twice before you scan anything … and before you print anything as well (

  3. I consider this small reproduction, which I have used to promote this underappreciated CD set, to be a “fair use.”

    Both this artwork — and the knowledge of this boxset — have been mostly lost to the listening/viewing public — a problem which in my small way, I have helped to remedy.

    BTW, this is a low res scan of the actual CD cover — which I legally bought.