What a week! In the NorthEast, we are in for a rainy fall weekend. That only means more time to go over these items you may have missed:

Barron’s Alan Abelson cites a "stealthy" market watcher who expects a year end rally that ends badly; Hhmmm, sounds kinda familiar. (If no Barrons sub, go here);

A Surprisingly Bright Outlook for Holiday Shopping from NPD Group;   

• Barron’s speaks with S&P’s Sam Stovall about The Bull’s Fourth Year (If no Barrons sub go here);

•  Prediction: Tivo gets bought. Soon. My guess? Echostar.

James Cramer Roughs Up W;

How the Internet Helps Pricing Efficiencies the specific pricing economies of the Long Tail, as applied to the Used Book market;

• Speaking of Books: Technical Analysis from A to Z, and several other technical reference books discussed here.

Don’t expect a video iPod; Apple’s announcement this week to is more likely to be an update of the original iPod (a little smaller, and Black as a color choice);

Oh, THAT Inflation! Kinda hard to understand how Wall Street is just now discovering inflation (ex-energy or not); And yet, they inisist upon reporting SPX Earnings with Energy!;

• Howard Simons does yeoman’s work in Don’t Let Jobs Noise Distract You;    Also, please welcome Roger Nusbaum (Random Roger) — now writing for The Street.com

Rationalizing Bubbles, Shaping a Legacy  A terrific smackdown of the Maestro;

• And last, just for fun: 2005 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

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