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Weekend Linkfest!

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On October 16, 2005 @ 6:00 pm In Economy,Financial Press,Weblogs | Comments Disabled

Good morning, and welcome to the monkey house [1]. Now that the deluge has stopped, we can put away our umbrellas and turn to the key topics of the day. Leading off the hit parade is inflation:

Look Ma, No Inflation! [2] was my sarcastic take on the nonsensical core rate (this one seemed to resonate in the MSM).   

• Barron’s Alan Abelson calls the Core CPI perspective "Spin." [3]  (No Barrons sub? You an see the relevant excerpt here [4])

• Before the CPI data came out, I explained why Inflation is here and the Core CPI is nonsense [5] in  this Forbes’ Video. (I also managed to snap some photos of Malcomb S. Forbes’ motorcycle!)

• John Mauldin excellent smackdown on the absurd way CPI calculates Housing data in Smoothing Out Inflation [6]. If utility costs go up, the CPI believes your renters equivalent is therefore going down — Energy inflation perversely lowers housing costs. 

• While I completely disagree with James Altucher’s take, his column "Don’t Sweat Inflation Worries [7]" does as good a job as any explaining the no inflation view. (He’s wrong, but its a good column nonetheless).

But its not all inflation — other items were worth exploring:

• For how many quarters have we heard that "Big Caps are about to outperform?"  Barron’s Mike Santoli [8] clarifies that canard. (No Barrons sub, go here [9]).

• The Apprenticed Investor column is back, and this week’s entry generated a lot of mail: Write This Down [10] helps answer the question "What was I thinking when I bought that pig?"

• Slate’s Dan Gross asks "Who will fill the Fed chairman’s shoes?" [11]

• RM’s Columnist Conversation had a robust debate on TA versus Fundamentals, and I weighed in here: Fundies Blow Delphi Call [12]. Quite frankly, if a tool works for you [13], than you should use it.

• Each week the CARNIVAL OF THE CAPITALISTS [14] has 20 or so posts on various economic, business and market related topics. Its a good way to discover new voices on these subjects.

• The Insolvency Epidemic [15] has been gaining momentum. Friday was supposed to be the Day of Last Resort [16] — but its been extended thru the weekend.

• Last week, I did something I almost never do: I read not one but two WSJ Op/Eds: I was shocked; Not only were they factually inaccurate and poorly researched (See Get A Clue [17]) — they were ginormous MONEYLOSERS [18]. My advice to investors: Read the WSJ, but stay far far away from the Op Eds.
• Lastly, I came across this rather expensive tome — The Psychology of Technical Analysis [19] — If anyone has any feedback on it, please share it with me.

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